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Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery specializes in custom designed, hand-crafted, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Custom Designed Opal Ring

Photo by Jeff Scovil

The design is that of a blossom opening to reveal the treasure hidden within.  The soft petal like golden lips serve to present and protect the stone at the same time.   Note the shape of the shank, we provide weight at the back to counterbalance the top-heavy center setting.  Four tsavorites bezel set, one at the base of each of the four split petals.

Sketches were prepared and working closely with our client, we chose 18k royal yellow gold for the setting.  Black opal, particularly those with a vivid display of primary hues; red-orange, blue, green, often look their best in 22k.  There are no hard and fast rules to the setting of opal; each gem is individual with a distinct personality that must be carefully catered to.  Design and construction by Michael Corneau.

( Richard Wise)