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Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery specializes in custom designed, hand-crafted, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

A Colorful Love

He said his heart was the color purple. 
She said her heart was the color pink. 
They wanted a custom designed ring to represent their colorful hearts and signify the 30 years of love and happiness they shared. Unsure of exactly where to start or what they wanted, they just started looking at our loose gemstone collection. They knew the moment they saw the raspberry trillion cut tourmaline that it was the perfect gemstone! The raspberry color of the stone simply fused the color of their hearts perfectly together. 
Once deciding on the tourmaline, the process started and Michael went to work on his bench. Working many late nights and with an injured thumb from a previous custom project, he sketched, designed, and hand fabricated a one of a kind ring that he hoped would be a worthy representation of these wonderful people and their beautiful love story.


It was such fun yesterday to see their eyes light up when Michael showed them the finished ring. With big smiles and excitement, they promptly turned and gave Michael a huge hug. While talking with her, I giggled noticing she couldn't hold eye contact with me for more than a minute because she kept looking down to admire her ring! The emotional reaction people show when first seeing their finished piece is truly incredible. I have tried to hold back my tears but I have yet to succeed. Every client and each piece Michael designs for them is personal and close to our hearts. I am so grateful for these moments and amazed at Michael’s ability to join his artistic skill with the clients visions and ideas. Every piece is designed with passion around the client's story. That is what makes it so special and why it means so much!