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August Birthstones



The August birthstone, Peridot, symbolizes strength. It is sometimes called the evening emerald for its light green color. A striking olivine gemstone, is brought to the surface by volcanoes and has sometimes been found in the meteor remnants of our solar system's birth. It was once believed that the green peridot crystals found in volcanic ashes were the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele.

When set in gold, this gem was said to protect the wearer from nightmares.It brings joy, health, and abundance, and it encourages positive emotional states. It’s also a stone that attracts wealth and prosperity.


Although the vast color spectrum of spinel often leaves it mistaken for ruby or sapphire, its distinguishing features like an octahedral crystal structure and single refraction are what sets it apart from other gemstones.
Significant deposits of spinel have been found in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. It has also been found in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Nepal, Nigeria, Tadzhikistan, Tanzania and the U.S. 

This astoundingly versatile gemstone is said to relieve stress and anxieties as well as bring its wearer creative inspiration. So many reasons to pick your favorite color and add a divine spinel piece to your jewelry box.