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Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery specializes in custom designed, hand-crafted, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Shining Bright


I feel blessed to be able to have had so many wonderful experiences working along side of Michael.
I wanted to share a recent story;  One of our client's wanted a custom designed necklace using diamonds from a bracelet she no longer wears. We adored her from the minute she walked in and it was a pleasure to work with her on every level of this process. She was specific and had an idea of what she wanted but needed it to be brought to life. Michael has a remarkable ability to combine his creative visions and design ideas with what the client had imagined. While listening to their ideas, you can see his mind creating something spectacular immediately.  Not being artistic, I will never be able to understand how it all comes together and how he executes that into a finished piece that when presented to the client, it is a gift to see. From sketching a design with a pencil. then banging and shaping metals ( I try and stay out of the gallery on those days.)  and finally polishing and presenting the finished piece, has always been remarkable to me.
It always amazes me to watch him while he is intently sketching a new piece with such passion. It is apparent how much he truly enjoys his craft. Each design is inspired and envisioned by the client and he somehow derives a part of their style and personality.  Which makes each piece always uniquely designed just for them, never designed on a computer nor ever duplicated or manufactured.
Our client picked up the necklace this week and as beautiful as they both are, they both seemed to shine even brighter once she put it on for the first time!