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Balas Ruby

The red spinel, historically known as a 'Balas' (or fake) ruby, was not recognized as a separate gem species until the 19th century. You see, back in the day, every gemstone that was red was a thought to be a ruby and everything else a sapphire. Balas refers to the region the gemstone spinel was first discovered in central Asia. More recently, the term Balas has taken on the general description of 'fake', as this brilliant red gem fooled so many with it’s similarity to a ruby. Regardless, this crimson red, gemstone was treasured by kings and emperors and even adorns the crown of Queen Elizabeth the Second.

More appropriately, and in my opinion, the term spinel, which is derived from the Latin for arrow, is much more suiting. It’s color is vivid and intense, piercing even, with its “stoplight” red color. The little beauty in what has been dubbed “the sweetheart ring” was sourced from the famed Burma mines where it is found in deposits alongside the treasured ruby. As we might say in the gem trade; the color POPS! It is lively, brilliant, and saturated with color. Accented by VS1-F/G, ideal cut diamonds (because why would you have anything less?), this vivid little gem is set in 18K royal yellow gold. Come into Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery and see this vibrant, red gemstone for yourself and decide whether or not it is “Balas”.