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December Birthstones

The December Birthstones are the Zircon, Tanzanite, and Turquoise. Ranging between icey blue and deep blue-violet, these three are a reflection of the cooler weather and tones the world takes on this time of year. The stone in this photo is the Zircon, which is said to induce a calming feeling and provide a sense of positivity and well-being... A perfect combination with the time of year centered around reflecting on the year past!

November’s Birthstones


Individuals born in November can choose between two sunny gemstones to brighten up this chilly month. November’s birthstones, topaz and citrine, are both known for their calming energies, bringing warmth and fortune to those who wear them.

Topaz and citrine look so similar, in fact, that they’ve often been mistaken for one another throughout history. They are actually unrelated minerals, and topaz occurs in a wide spectrum of colors far beyond yellow.

Both of November’s birthstones are fairly abundant and affordably priced, even in large sizes, which means everyone can find a way to fit topaz and citrine into their budget.

October Birthstones


Opals are also considered the birthstone for the month of October. The Greek root of the word ‘opal’ means, “to see a change in color.” It was given this name due to the rainbow of colors one can see in an opal stone. Although wearing the gem is viewed as good luck, the superstitious believe that the luck is reversed if you were not born in October.

What do opals represent? The opal represents confidence and faithfulness. The stones are worn to keep away evil and protect eyesight.



In the past, pink and red tourmalines have been confused for rubies. Pink tourmalines are most differentiated by their electric properties. When heated, they yield a positive charge at one side and a negative on the other. This means they are capable of attracting other particles. Alchemists valued these properties, believing the tourmaline was closely related to the philosopher’s stone, an object that would grant enlightenment.

The pink tourmaline is directly related to emotions and one’s heart chakra. The stone represents love and the healing of emotions.

Meet The Artist Wine Reception

 Join us for a special evening on Saturday, October 20th, to celebrate & welcome local artist, designer and low country native John Marshall Williams to the gallery. Enjoy a glass of wine, meet the artist and and marvel at the revelation of his Day and Night series. When you're done exploring Williams' classic sepia and earth toned expressions as well as his colorful oriental series, explore the gallery's brilliant custom jewelry pieces and rare gemstones.

"Fall Into Color" with us! 

Saturday, October 20th 2018 
5:30- 7:30 p.m.
92 Hasell Street, Charleston 
Open to the public.


September Sapphires


September’s birthstone is the sapphire—a precious gem of wisdom, loyalty and nobility. This stone is said to focus the mind, encourage self-discipline and channel higher powers.

When people say “sapphire,” they’re usually referring to the royal blue variety of this gem, although it can occur in all colors of the rainbow (except red, which is classified as ruby instead).

This lovely gem gives September-born babies a full spectrum of options when choosing the shade of birthstone that best represents them.

August Birthstones



The August birthstone, Peridot, symbolizes strength. It is sometimes called the evening emerald for its light green color. A striking olivine gemstone, is brought to the surface by volcanoes and has sometimes been found in the meteor remnants of our solar system's birth. It was once believed that the green peridot crystals found in volcanic ashes were the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele.

When set in gold, this gem was said to protect the wearer from nightmares.It brings joy, health, and abundance, and it encourages positive emotional states. It’s also a stone that attracts wealth and prosperity.


Although the vast color spectrum of spinel often leaves it mistaken for ruby or sapphire, its distinguishing features like an octahedral crystal structure and single refraction are what sets it apart from other gemstones.
Significant deposits of spinel have been found in Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. It has also been found in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Nepal, Nigeria, Tadzhikistan, Tanzania and the U.S. 

This astoundingly versatile gemstone is said to relieve stress and anxieties as well as bring its wearer creative inspiration. So many reasons to pick your favorite color and add a divine spinel piece to your jewelry box.

July's Birthstone The Ruby


Ruby, the birthstone for July and gemstone for the 15th and 40th anniversary, is one of the hardest and most durable gemstones ranking a 9 out of 10 on Mohs hardness scale. Most rubies are mined in Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka and Africa and are arguably the most famous of red colored stones. Representing health and wisdom this gem comes from the 'corundum' mineral species. There’s no better way to demonstrate your love than by giving a ruby in celebration of a July birthday. Rubies arouse the senses, stir the imagination, and are said to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and success in love

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