Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery

Custom Designed Fine Jewelry & Art

Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery specializes in custom designed, hand-crafted, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.


A custom engagement ring is the perfect beginning to any extraordinary love story.  Let’s create a masterpiece that embodies your unique love and inspires awe, both on the day you pop the question and for years to come. Instead of purchasing a mass-produced, factory-made piece, create a symbol of your dedication and commitment by designing a unique and beautiful engagement ring - the process of which will become a treasured story about the most significant object she will ever own.



Diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend!


Diamonds are the safe choice for most traditional engagement rings, but the character and charm of colored gemstones is unmatched. So, take some time to explore our collection of carefully selected rare gemstones. You just might find yourself inspired by a ravishing opal or a vibrant garnet. What better way to pop the question than with a splash of color as brilliant as your bride-to-be.

When you get down on one knee, you’ll want to know you’re presenting the love of your life with something to say “yes” to! Say yes to the start of an exciting and unique new adventure together, unbound from the status quo. Say no to assembly line engagement rings manufactured overseas in poor craftsmanship. Say yes to opening the next chapter of your life with something brand new and made just for you.