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Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery is filled with one-of-a-kind, hand fabricated, custom designed jewelry. Custom designed engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings all made just for you. We also have a collection of gemstones available that can be the perfect addition to your custom designed piece.


Each year, your wedding anniversary is a time to pause and reflect on your relationship. Giving your spouse a gift is a beautiful way to celebrate.

Our anniversary guide can help you find that perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one.

1st anniversary: gold

The first year anniversary is the sweetest — a couple’s probably still in the honeymoon phase and all is right with their world. But starting a life together may not leave a whole lot of disposable income.

2nd anniversary: garnet

Though garnet comes in several colors, including yellow, green (called tsavorite) and pink, the color most often thought of is red. Red garnet — sometimes called rhodolite garnet — is the classic garnet choice for use in jewelry. It’s a relatively hard stone, and can be used in any jewelry piece or design, including rings, earrings and pendants. Red garnet really pops when set in a white metal, like white gold or platinum.

3rd anniversary: pearls

Pearls can be natural or cultured. Natural pearls are much more expensive than cultured, but that’s about the only difference — even a cultured pearl is a beautiful, luminescent product of nature, growing in the same way as natural pearls. Both are brought into being by an intruder like sand or tiny pebble (for natural) or a bead or seed pearl (for cultured) implanting itself in a mollusk, such as an oyster or mussel. In natural pearls, it’s just luck if it turns into a pearl

4th anniversary: blue topaz

Topaz is found in many colors and shades, and blue topaz was originally the most rare.  Blue topaz is a hardy stone, and the many shades look gorgeous in a variety of jewelry styles, from earrings and pendants to bracelets and rings. Blue topaz has historically been associated with love and affection — pretty perfect reasons to give it as an anniversary gift.

5th anniversary: sapphire

Sapphire is also found in many colors, though the classic choice is blue. If blue’s not your color, you can also commonly find white, shades of pink and violet. Padparadscha sapphire is orange with pink tones. To get the perfect colors, a sapphire is heat treated or diffusion treated, and both are considered permanent. Sapphire is a hard and durable gemstone, so it’s great for any piece of jewelry.

10th anniversary: diamond jewelry

Ten years of marriage qualifies as a milestone, so diamond jewelry is a great idea! For her, this is a perfect opportunity to add a diamond anniversary band to her engagement ring and wedding ring. For him, consider a diamond ring or, if he wears an earring, a beautiful diamond stud.

15th anniversary: ruby

Rubies are emblems of love and passion, an equation brought about by their amazing saturated reds. Most rubies you’ll find today have been heat treated to improve their color and clarity. You can find rubies in every sort of jewelry.

20th anniversary: emerald

Emerald’s beautiful green lends itself to any type of jewelry, though it is fragile due to layers and fissures within the gemstone. A ring should be worn with care — but this is such a classic, elegant stone that saving it for special occasions is easy! Emeralds are often treated with oils, paraffin or resins to fill fissures and improve clarity, and hardeners may be added to increase its toughness.

25th anniversary: silver jubilee

The 25th is known as the silver jubilee, so go nuts! There’s so much available in sterling silver for both him and her, from jewelry to home accents, that you could — and should — splurge. You don’t need to limit yourself to only silver, either. Embrace the color, and you can include metal watches or white gold or platinum jewelry for both.

30th anniversary: pearl jubilee

Both cultured and natural pearls are created by layers — a nice metaphor for the years and love that have grown over time. The layers are called nacre, and the nacre is what gives pearls their luminescence. 

35th anniversary: emerald

Emerald is such a classic gemstone, it comes up twice on the anniversary list (it was the selection for 20 years too). Maybe this time get a set of earrings to complement the necklace she got 15 years ago.

40th anniversary: ruby

Another repeat here, ruby is also the gem for the fifteenth. But its draw remains — that gorgeous red that expresses the essence of love.

45th anniversary: sapphire

If sapphire slipped your mind 40 years ago (it’s the gem for the fifth anniversary), it’s time to make up for that! Or if you did get the classic blue sapphire then, consider a piece in one of the other colors of sapphire.

50th anniversary: golden jubilee

What more could you ask for? An excuse to give your love something in gold. 

55th anniversary: alexandrite

This gem is named for a Russian czar, and after 55 years, you should be treating each other like royalty. Alexandrite’s most striking feature is its ability to change color — it’s purplish red in incandescent light, but under fluorescent light or outside light it’s teal or greenish blue.

60th anniversary: diamond

You’ve been together a long time; your love and commitment to each other can never be doubted70th anniversary: platinum jubilee

The 70th anniversary is the platinum jubilee. Platinum is a hard and rare white metal that was largely unavailable at the time anyone celebrating a 70th anniversary got married. Maybe a bracelet or necklace would be the perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

75th anniversary: sapphire

The 75th anniversary is the sapphire jubilee, so celebrate with a sapphire bracelet or ring in many colors, representing the variety of adventures you have experienced together in life.

80th anniversary: ruby

The 80th anniversary is the ruby jubilee.  If she doesn’t have a ruby ring or pin by now, this is the perfect time to give her one!